Are You an Emotionally Competent Leader?

The emotionally competent leader is responsible for the promises that are made within an organization.  Our actions come out of our cares and commitments.  These are all expressed through our conversations. The head of the organization is responsible for creating the safe space that allows for effective conversations to take place. For conversations to be […]

Why Leadership Training Fails: Part 2

Last week we looked at why leadership training investments are often ineffective.  In the October 2016 issue of Harvard Business Review, “ Why Leadership Training Fails and What to Do About It,” the authors explore the fundamentals that block systemic changes needed for effective training and development. They advocate the following approach to talent development: […]

Why Leadership Training Fails: A Two-Part Exploration

It’s almost November-often a time when companies focus on budgeting for the next fiscal year.  What about training and development?  As a consultant and coach, I often hear: “We’ve spent lots of money on training, and after it’s done, nothing has changed.”  If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  In the October 2016 issue of […]

The Servant Leader: The Gift of Your Leadership

This week’s Step Up Leader post borrows from a timely post in Leading Blog. In the midst of the busy holiday season and the crush of important and urgent matters, it may be challenging to think about leadership priorities.  Yet, it’s the perfect time to think of leadership as a long-term practice based in giving, […]

Is Your Leadership In The Right Gear? Part 1

For the next two weeks, Step Up Leader Tips borrows from a recent Leading Blog post on a topic that is fundamental to effective leadership and living:  presence.  How many times do we notice that we are physically here but our mind is somewhere else?   This is a symptom of the inability to be present, […]