How Well Do You Manage Your Emotional Reactions at Work?

“Why Your Emotions Can Make or Break You as a Leader and What You Can Do About It.” Because emotional reactions at work are so common and so many struggle to interpret, control, and dance around the emotional wildfires, I thought this to be an appropriate blog topic for this week. Automatic, negative responses to […]

Are your moods and emotions helping or hurting your influence?

Emotional awareness matters a lot because many people are simply unaware of the moods and emotions they are holding; therefore the emotions and moods are holding them. For example, think of your moods and emotions as a wardrobe.  You prefer certain colors, styles, and weights.  When you enter your closet you consider the weather, season, […]

The Emotionally Competent Leader: Are You at Peace or at War?

How you become emotional competent through skill at managing conflict. It’s a fact of life in our world today: Conflict, like taxes, is inevitable. This isn’t all bad. Naturally people are going to have differing points of view. Sometimes conflict and the resolution that arises, can result in a closer bond between two people or […]

Are You an Emotionally Competent Leader?

The emotionally competent leader is responsible for the promises that are made within an organization.  Our actions come out of our cares and commitments.  These are all expressed through our conversations. The head of the organization is responsible for creating the safe space that allows for effective conversations to take place. For conversations to be […]

Why is Gratitude in Leadership an Important Practice?

This is my favorite week of the year. I cherish the time to return home to be with family-3 generations in my hometown to celebrate Thanksgiving. For many of us, it’s a unique opportunity to consider gratitude as a practice; as both a leadership and a personal practice that has transformational power. Why Is Gratitude […]