Does Your Leadership Make Connection a Cultural Priority?

Connection is a hot leadership topic for me this month. I’ve been exploring the impact of connection on how and why work gets done. There is a strong link between effective connection and results. In my work with leaders and teams, I have observed a range of cultures in which connection is present; I have […]

Identifying and Dealing with Paradoxes

This week’s tip comes from Leading Blog. It is resonant with the principles and practices of Step Up Leadership: curiosity, receptivity and deep listening. There are problems and there are paradoxes. The trouble is when we treat paradoxes as problems because then our decision making process becomes paralyzed, inflexible, incomplete, isolated and closed. Paradoxes are […]

The Power of Habit

Habits infiltrate our organizations and become invisible forces to contend with that we never realized were there. Learning to spot them is key to our success.