A Healthy Culture Begins With You

I recently heard a talk on “Health Cells and Healthy Cultures” by Judith Glaser, author, executive coach and organizational anthropologist.  Judith’s core message is that cultures are determined by relationships and relationships come from conversations. Therefore, having healthy conversations can literally change the DNA of an organizational culture.  I couldn’t agree more.  I appreciate her […]

Do You Exhibit the 10 Leadership Behaviors of a Powerful Culture?

In the work I do with entrepreneurial leaders and teams, the lack of trust often surfaces as a challenge. Founders often struggle with how to trust as their organizations grow and take on new hires. The culture shifts; decisions can no longer be made by one or two people. Companies in rapid-fire growth do not […]

What’s in Your Company’s Culture Cup?

What is Culture? Culture: n. “The total ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge which constitute the shared basis of social action”, “the total range of activities and ideas of a group of people which are transmitted and reinforced by members of the group” – ‘Collins English Dictionary’, (Collins, Corporate culture is in the news again. As […]

Does Your Leadership Make Connection a Cultural Priority?

Connection is a hot leadership topic for me this month. I’ve been exploring the impact of connection on how and why work gets done. There is a strong link between effective connection and results. In my work with leaders and teams, I have observed a range of cultures in which connection is present; I have […]