Are You Leading Through Space?

You know it when it happens to you.  A colleague or boss calls you or invites you to a meeting.  They get right down to business.  They dive in to the ask of what they need from you.    In our highly connected, plugged-in 24/7 world, it may seem natural to expedite conversations with others in […]

Are You Owning it as a Leader?

The theme from Leading Blog this week captivates me: personal responsibility. I’ve worked with numerous leadership teams who are struggling to accomplish objectives and goals. Helping them get to the root of the dysfunction requires five essential ingredients; vision, alignment, trust, collaboration and accountability. When working with a team, I always begin with the leader […]

Are You Designing Moments of Impact?

This week’s Step Up Leader tip offers an opportunity to explore how to consciously design moments of impact as a leader. It borrows from Leading Blog, in which a new book outlines how to have strategic conversations that have impact. One of the things we teach leaders to do is create the capacity and spaciousness […]