Breath and Leadership: Don’t Wait to Exhale

I am a student who is curious about ways to help leaders with more effective performance and joyful living.  As such, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to an area with a proven ability to impact both:  the breath. Did you know that your state of mind is a direct reflection of your breathing […]

Leadership In the Now

Our theme for this month is how to live and lead in the now (also published in Conscious Shift Magazine), while creating the future you desire. It’s really very simple; when we learn to be present in the now, to every sensation in this moment, we enjoy our own aliveness. We extract the abundant juice […]

How Mental Meltdown Happens and What You Can Do About It.

Too many choicesHow many of us feel overwhelmed by choices? I hear it from clients and I feel it myself. There are so many choices for how to spend our most precious resources; time and money. Research has shown that in fact, there are too many choices.