Susan Freeman – Persistence

Persistence: I don’t give up — especially when things get difficult. Although impatient by nature, I am working on taking the longer view. If I commit to something, I get it done. I just finished writing a book that was percolating for eight years! ORIGINAL ARTICLE How does a successful, strong, and powerful woman navigate work, employee […]

The Top Five Trends To Watch In The Future Of Work

Focus on the needed skills and leverage existing education and training to close those caps quickly and effectively. We should look to existing models both here and abroad where this has been done, and see how we might apply some of these successes.

Technology and Leadership: The Missing Connection

Technology is one of the greatest additions to our modern lives.  Yet the way we use it and engage with it, may not necessarily be helping with our leadership effectiveness.  Sure, we are more ostensibly connected-never far away from our phones, tablets and laptops.  Yet proximity does not a connection make.  I would argue that […]

Gratitude as a Leadership Practice

This week I had an opportunity to reflect about gratitude, both for my clients and for myself.  It was not an exceptional week, except for one thing; every single client took the time to acknowledge the positive impact our coaching work was having on them, professionally and personally.   I didn’t expect this, but am tremendously […]

What Can You Use This Leadership Moment to Do Differently?

I’ve been reflective these past two weeks on the massive response to the brutal killing of George Floyd. As a boomer, it feels as if we are re-living the same civil rights struggles from the 1960’s. Has so little progressed in the last fifty years in the march forward towards equality and justice for all? I’ve been reading, […]